I am from Calatayud region

The LIFE-JALON project wants to promote and value the Calatayud Region, creating an energy community, which will allow the production and consumption of clean and cheap electricity by making self-production and shared consumption of energy possible; defending this way the energy sovereignty to all the people of the region who want to have a more active, committed and autonomous position with respect to their energy consumption.

Participating is easy. You can be:

  • A neighbor who belongs to the energy community and who has a roof, where you can install a photovoltaic system for self-consumption;
  • A business with a need to consume cheaper, renewable and local energy;
  • A council with available land to install a small photovoltaic park;
  • A person from the Calatayud region who does not live there but spends the summers and wants to invest in and for their territory;
  • Or any other option that occurs to you. In this case, contact us and we will find the best way for you to carry it out.

Together we can:

  • Share the excess energy with other neighbors who do not have roofs with good orientation, with businesses that do not have a roof or with the town hall that will use it for different and public necessary purposes;
  • Consume Energy responsibly with the other residents of your town, your valley and your region;
  • Produce local renewable energy to seek the collective benefit;
  • Invest ethically in the future of our region;
  • Be co-responsible for renewable energy in your region.

What economic benefit does it have?

The neighbor who shares the excess energy will obtain economic compensation and those who consume it will pay a much lower amount than they would pay to the electricity provider.

On the other hand, those people, companies, businesses, town halls or associations that wish to be part of the energy community will be able to make small economic investments in the installation of photovoltaic panels on the ground. These plants will provide electricity to other consumers in the town and the region. In this way, investors will obtain a economic return and the inhabitants and companies of the towns will consume cheaper and renewable energy, which could have a positive impact on their growth and job creation.

Soon we will be in the different towns to expand this information. We change energy to transform our towns. Will you join us?

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Calatayud Renewable Energy Community