Renewable Energy Community of the Calatayud

CERCA, a Renewable Energy Community of the Calatayud region, is a cooperative open to all those people seeking energy sovereignty and environmental responsibility within the Calatayud region.

The project was born from a group of people, associations, and businesses that care about the future of their city. With the creation of a CERCA energy community, we can contribute to writing a more prosperous future for our cities/towns/villages.

CERCA enables citizens/businesses, businesses, associations, and municipalities to produce and consume clean, cheap electricity by enabling self-production and shared energy consumption. The CERCA Energy Community is open to all people in the Calatayud region who want to have a more active, committed and at the same time autonomous position in relation to their energy consumption.

To achieve real local impact, the key is to build a large-scale energy community that integrates the 67 cities and 20 towns/villages that make up the Calatayud region.

CERCA, the Renewable Energy Community of the Calatayud region, intends with this project to create:

  • Local Impact, starts from the citizenship of the Calatayud region so that its residentscan benefit economically, labour, socially and environmentally.
  • Energy autonomy, we want the citizens/women of the Calatayud region to make their own decisions on energy production and consumption.
  • Care for the environment, the region lives from its fields and FENCE, in addition to boosting agricultural and livestock activities, has as a priority the care of the environment.

The advantages of a local Energy Community are:

  • Ease
  • Lowest price
  • Efficiency
  • Social benefits
  • Help the smaller populations: Give the opportunity to the smaller populations to benefit from this opportunity as well, because of their size and poor management capacity, they could not do it alone.

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